Why Villas in Sarjapur Road is a Great Investment Decision?

New villas and apartments are cropping up all through the year. There are ample options to choose from, and from a buyer’s perspective, this puts them in a conundrum. Some of the crucial questions that cross our minds while searching for a new property are a) the budget b) how is the neighbourhood c) the transportation d) which part of Bangalore? 

There is a smarter approach towards property investment in Bangalore, and it is vital to know which areas are the best places to invest your hard-earned money in. When you are adamant on buying a villa or an apartment in Bangalore, choosing the right location can be a mammoth task. You have to see if the roads are well connected and have all the necessary facilities close by like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, theatres, and bus depots. If these are the amenities you are looking for when planning to buy a villa, there is nothing to beat Sarjapur. This is one of the main reasons why property builders are thronging the place for development purposes. Over the recent years, the number of villas and apartments has grown substantially due to good social infrastructure facilities and the multinational corporations located in and around Sarjapur. 

Sarjapur in the era of Tipu Sultan was famous for its muslin and sericulture industry and gained recognition for being part of the first hydroelectric project in South Asia. Cut to 2020 Sarjapur is humming with activity. 

The traffic signals are buzzing with long lines of cars, well-groomed professionals talking on phones walking hastily on pavements, and children waiting for school buses are all part of the early morning scene in Sarjapur. As the day advances, it only becomes more colourful and chaotic. Sarjapur is a prime location for families and businessmen with outstanding real estate, opulent villas for those who want a loving home. 

Why Do People Love Villas in Sarjapur Road? 

What makes the villas in Sarjapur road so much in demand? There is no doubt that Sarjapur road can provide luxury living with all the essential lifestyle facilities like restaurants, theatres, schools and hospitals. Moreover, transportation is well organised – many IT hubs are closely connected, and public sector undertakings have made the place the most preferred destination. The primary point- investing in a villa at Sarjapur road is a smart investment decision. Owning a property is a dream for anybody irrespective of their financial situation. A property can be for rental or living, so why not invest it in a villa. Villas in Sarjapur are  the ideal choice regardless of the budget – villas are growing in numbers in the locality, making it a perfect option for upper-middle-class buyers. The rates of buying a villa are well appreciated and are sure to sell fast and people opting for personal use find luxury villas the supreme choice. 

Why Invest in a Villa in Sarjapur Road?

What makes owning a villa in Sarjapur road so lucrative? Let us see why the best villa projects in Sarjapur road a viable place for long term investment. 

Great Infrastructure

The popularity of Sarjapur rises with each passing day, and there has been no shortage of basic amenities. Educational institutions like Oakridge International, Indus International and Delhi Public School are easily accessible from here. 

Healthcare institutions like Motherhood, Janani and Columbia Asia are present in the vicinity. More amenities like shopping malls, supermarkets, and other retails stores are also effortlessly available. 


Sarjapur is close to all the major IT trifecta of Marathalli, Electronic City and Whitefield making it one of the most desirable locations to reside in if you work in any of the areas mentioned above. The roads are well connected and are easily accessible via Outer Ring Road, NICE road. The Bangalore International Airport is around 52 kilometres away while the KSR Bengaluru railway station (Majestic railway station) is about 33 km away. 

Wide Range of Housing

There are ample villas in Sarjapur, but the whole place happens to be a buyer-friendly market with flats and villas, ranging from budget to high-end luxury. Whether your taste is a simple 2BHK or spacious villas, Sarjapur has them all. It all depends on your choices and the lifestyle you want. 

Advantages of buying a villa in Sarjapur road

  • Villas are considered to be a viable long term investment as compared to apartments. Villas offer a higher resale value than apartments. 
  • Villas offer a healthier environment due to open spaces.
  • Ample parking spaces where you and your relatives can park without compromising. 
  • The freedom to design your own home according to your likes and preferences. 
  • Villas are independent; thus, you will have no complaints on privacy. 

With the increasing rates in property prices, people who are considering to invest, whether for personal use or rent, buying a villa in Sarjapur is definitely a lucrative option. There is steady growth in the developmental activities – the evolution of infrastructural activities with SEZ parks and water bodies like Billapura Lake have made it an ideal destination for property owners. 

With Sarjapur Road being one of the most sought-after real estate destinations, it’s time for you to invest in properties brought here by respectable and trustworthy builders, such as Saiven Developers. Here, you can pick from all sorts of housing ventures that cater to people who work for both IT companies and MNCs. So when you purchase these villas or apartments in Sarjapur Road, you’re not only buying a dream house, but also the vast range of facilities and amenities that come with it.

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