Why Sarjapur Road is the Right Choice to Buy Luxury Apartments

Dream homes are easy to conjure up in our imagination but terribly hard to find in the real world. So hard to find in fact, it’s only fair you find it so hard to believe the Silver Oak’s Luxury homes actually exist. Named after the lush green Silver Oak trees planted inside and around the property, the trees will soon form a soft blanket from the rest of the world while being in centre of all the amenities Bangalore has to offer. Slated for completion by December 2021, these luxury apartments in Sarjapur road offer everything you will need, want and more. We answer a few common questions our current home owners have had, to offer you some peace of mind and clarity of thought. 

Why Sarjapur Road? 

Gone are the days when an apartment in Sarjapur would be considered an outskirts property. Today, Sarjapur is a rapidly developing area that offers amenities that many would be surprised to hear.  

Lower traffic: Even die hard bangalore lovers can not deny the biggest challenge of the city – its overwhelming traffic. Every person that has even travelled in bangalore has had to sit through massive traffic jams, hour long signals, and one too many blocked roads. Sarjapur offers the best of Bangalore and takes away the worst of it. With relatively lower traffic and clearer roads, buying a new apartment in Sarjapur road does not only present to you an easier and quicker commute, but also fresher air and a healthier lifestyle. 

Connectivity:  Far too many people still live under the assumption that Sarjapur limits your connectivity and can make amenities hard to access. However, the truth of the matter is that Sarjapur has all the amenities one can ask for. For the older and retired families, hospitals are closely located for you to never worry about a health emergency, with grocery stores and supermarkets just around the corner. For younger families that plan to start a family or have just had children, all the popular names in the international schools of bangalore are in Sarjapur, with more to come in the future. Various schools like the Orchid’s international school, TISB, Anand Siksha Kendra are all in close proximity to the property. For the younger singles moving to the city for work, IT parks and entertainment centres are aplenty to offer you the perfect work-life balance without ever having to endure the traffic filled streets of Bangalore city. 

Affordability:  In spite of everything that it has to offer, Sarjapur road is still not considered the heart of the city with misconceptions about the area flying about. Luckily for you, not too many people recognise the existing resources of Sarjapur nor the immense potential it holds. As an area that is just beginning to catch the eye balls of smart investors living in Bangalore, the prices are still extremely affordable for the luxury it has to offer. 

Why Saiven Developers?

Having been in the market of building luxury apartments and dream homes for over a decade, Saiven Developers have mastered both the art and skill of fulfilling dreams. The organization believes in prioritising excellence in design and steadfast focus on quality. 

Best of Personnel: With an oath to only work with the best of the industry, we can boast of working with award winning architects, interior designers, engineers and communication professionals. Properties that are carefully planned and built, they transpire from homes to ecosystems. 

Vastu: Quintessential elements to design, space, aesthetics, vastu and most importantly value for money, are drilled well into the Saiven family and philosophy. We understand the value of our traditions while exploring innovative architectural solutions and always keep vastu high on the priority list. Explore our north facing, east facing and west facing apartments to pick what suits your needs the most. 

Price: As industry experts,  Saiven excels at delivering high quality living spaces at the lowest possible cost. Even while maintaining the highest of standards in everything that goes into the property such as structure, kitchen, doors, water supply, sanitary fittings, flooring, painting, windows and electrical works, you could be a proud owner of a 1bhk or 2bhk in Sarjapur road at a price as low 25 Lakhs onwards. 

Why Silver Oaks?

With a vast area of 32670 square feet, the Silver Oaks in Sarjapur road is not just a property, but a community. The community boasts of 68 units within the premises and yet provides ample space for greenery, amenities and other comforts. 

Health & Entertainment: Amenities like 

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium 
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Landscaped Area
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Indoor Games
  • Meditation Deck

assure that an active mind and body is always provided space to explore their interests and discover new ones.  

Safety & Comfort: 

  • 24/7 Security with CCTV surveillance
  • 6 High speed elevators of a reputed brand
  • Diesel Generator backup for common areas

Translates to a space that is both safe and comfortable at all times of day and year to ensure your living is not impacted in a negative way, no matter what.  

Features like the rain water harvesting or sewage treatment plant ensure that your life of complete comfort and luxury is still also green and responsible. 

If you’re now convinced that a luxurious apartment in Sarjapur road is the right property for you, or if you’re still not convinced, call us at 8088 111 888 for more details, or come visit the property at Sy No. 115/6, Chambenahalli Village, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

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