The current coronavirus situation has affected the global economy and several industries across the globe, including real estate. However, there lies an opportunity in every crisis, and COVID-19 is no different. All sectors, including the Indian real estate industry, are now operating tirelessly to develop and strategise their companies. The residential market is all set to embark on a specific growth track among the main visible developments, with ‘home-owning’ gaining substantial popularity among new-age millennials, and COVID-19 has not dented demand for affordable housing.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the idea of buying a property be it an apartment or villa, is considered way better than dealing with uncertainties of living in rented accommodation. Consumers now understand the value of including real estate in their investment portfolio as they are a more stable choice that delivers consistent returns when compared to the increasingly competitive share market with high risks.

Sarjapur Road in Bangalore is the strongest when it comes to property investment for home buyers or real estate owners who are looking to purchase or sell in 2020 and earn regular returns. Sarjapur Road in Bangalore is full of apartments and houses spanning from modest, mid-range, and luxury villas. The variety of villas and apartments you get at any price point is the main reason why Sarjapur Road is one of the real estate hotspots in Bangalore. Over the years, if you’ve invested your capital in buying property when there’s an economic crisis, you’ve made a secure, viable, and long-term investment that will likely grow once the crisis begins to fade.

Top Reasons for buying are:

1. Sense of Security Associated with Physical Assets This unprecedented time has made people think twice on what they have to buy. People have realised the importance of owning a villa as they provide more security than living in a rented house. People who were formerly reluctant to buy a piece of property have now reversed their mind after the lockout era. Sarjapur Road makes it the best choice to buy a villa. Sarjapur Road is the centre of IT industries in India and has rapid economic growth, which is why more and more people choose to move here. In

addition, it has been researched that NRIs are looking for long-term advantages to make investments in residential apartments in Bangalore, as assets in this city offer great price benefits. This is why villas in Sarjapur road are in high demand.

2. Lower Home Loan Rates

The current COVID-19 scenario has brought down the interest rate on home loans. The current interest rates are at an all-time low, varying from 7.15% to 7.8%. This makes another perfect time to buy a villa in Sarjapur Road. Purchasing a villa during the COVID-19 situation ensures that you get to buy a house with home loans at very low mortgage interest rates, and this appears to be a perfect deal for borrowers who don’t want to risk losing capital investing into a hot and competitive housing market. It offers you an ideal chance to invest money with these low-interest rates and pay less for your property.

3. The Market Booms After a Crisis

The property market is generally experiencing an intense period after every previous crisis, recession or even depression. Prices begin to rise slowly when there is an increase in demand. It also happens as buyers take their capital off risky stock markets and spend it in more on reliable, less unpredictable assets like the real estate industry. This ultimately leads to an unexpected expansion in demand in the real estate industry. Before the crisis, the prices will rise and slowly will fall after the crisis has hit. This gradually leads people into believing that investing in real estate during an economic recession is a smart investment because rates will go down a long way.

4. Villas in Sarjapur Road are a Long Term Investment

Outside of the current recession, real estate is always a safe investment in the long run. If you look back 30 years, the value of the real estate is still much higher than it was. So if you have renters paying the lease, that makes things even more profitable for the investment.

5. Seller Desperation

Smart sellers see the chance to find buyers right now, but when it has passed, many will wait for the coronavirus to hop for a more favourable market. As a buyer, now is the opportunity to take advantage of a swaying market a little further away from the seller. This makes it the best time to buy villas in Sarjapur Road. There are a lot of reasons for buying a home right now. Many buyers would dream about starting their home quest with interest rates so low, but others would hesitate. You might end up looking in a competitive market if you hesitate, which would probably benefit the seller. How long the pandemic would affect the economy is difficult to foresee, but precedent suggests that the real estate sector would come back. If you are searching for luxury villas in Sarjapur Road, then look no further. Saiven Developers brings you the best villas with top-notch amenities so that your dream home comes true because this is where comfort meets luxury.

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