Top 10 Attractive Truths About Villas & Row Houses

Villas and row houses are quickly becoming all the rage in Bengaluru. With multiple builders offering such properties all across the city, making the right decision is getting harder and harder. So what makes these properties such an attractive proposition? Here are 10 reasons why you just can’t pass them up!

Stylish and modern

Most row houses or premium villas tend to be newer constructions and hence, are designed to be more stylish and contemporary. This ensures that you get almost a brand new property that can last for years to come. Not to mention the plethora of convenient features and amenities that are available as standard, which we will go into more detail later on.


You might assume that since villas represent the high end of the real estate market, they might be completely unaffordable. However, this is not the case. There are multiple premium villas in Bangalore and especially villas in Sarjapur, that are available for extremely reasonable prices. 


For the price of a premium apartment, villas and row houses offer much more space. With each property offering 4 bedrooms and wide-open spaces on the inside and out, you certainly get a lot for what you pay. This is ideal for the ever-changing requirements for growing families.

Safety and security

Villas generally are available in the form of gated communities, which offers the highest possible form of security for any type of residence. With a dedicated security team and surveillance equipment, this ensures complete safety for the residents.

Absolute privacy

Since villas are more or less independent houses, it means that there are no shared walls or shared spaces. This ensures complete privacy for the residents and their families. As an added bonus, residents can also enjoy their own private outdoor spaces and even have the option of renovating or modifying as they please.

Dedicated Parking

While this may seem like a trivial point, parking is actually becoming a major issue in the city of Bangalore. The increasingly crowded IT HUB has recently been voted as one of the most congested cities in the world, and these days most residents of the city seem to find parking their vehicles difficult. This, however, is not the case with a villa. Villa properties such as The Hamptons by Saiven Developers offer dedicated parking for both residents and even the visitors.

24/7 power backup

Despite being the IT Hub of the country, Bengaluru is not immune to power cuts. In fact, many areas across the city face frequent power blackouts for hours on end, causing major inconvenience to the residents. This, however, will not be an issue with most gated communities since they tend to have backup generators or a UPS system.

Attractive amenities

Living in villas or row villas really does give you the best of both worlds. While offering complete privacy for you and your family, these communities also offer amenities such as clubhouses and common gardens which serve as an excellent means to socialise with the other residents in the community. These amenities are also designed to make the life of the residents much more convenient.

A resort-like lifestyle

Certain builders such as Saiven Developers offer independent villas in Bangalore that are laid out in the style of a resort. This serves as an absolute boon to the residents, after a long day at work amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy city. To complete the ambience of a resort, they also tend to have wide open gardens and green areas so families can relax and have a great time.


One of the major attractions of owning a villa is the fact that it is the most premium segment of the real estate market. So naturally, owning such an exclusive property brings along with it a certain level of pride and prestige.
So there you have it. 10 attractive reasons to own villas or row houses. There are a number of upcoming villas in Bangalore and plenty of existing options to choose from. We recommend that you consider The Hamptons by Saiven developers, a resort-style community of elegant villas that can cater to all of your requirements. Get in touch with our friendly and professional staff today to arrange a visit.

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