Property registrations: A whole lot easier

Recent developments seem to suggest that owning property in the city of Bangalore is set to become much easier than before. If reports are to be believed, the entire process of registration is about to get significantly faster and much more transparent.

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has announced that real estate properties are soon to be interlinked with the “Kaveri” online service of the Stamps and Registration department.

So how does this move benefit the average consumer? For a start, this move aims to prevent the duplication of registered documents and fraudulent sales of properties to buyers.

The Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) of the Urban Department BH Anil Kumar added that “we are focusing on data integration now”. The main goal of this ambitious project is to create an “e-linkage” to various departments such as:

  • The Stamps and Registration Department
  • The Centre of e-governance and the Rural Development
  • Panchayati Raj

This is done seamlessly enabling access to data. A benefit of this procedure would be the complete transparency of the entire process. This step aims to thwart unscrupulous individuals from falsifying and fabricating property documents. 

With the introduction of online property verification, all of the aforementioned departments can verify every detail of properties before the issuance of certificates. 

The increased safety and security that this proposed change brings is enormous. Now buyers can freely explore the property buying options without the fear of being hoodwinked by unethical dealers. So when this structure falls into place, there is a good reason to hope that the process of property buying in the city of Bangalore is set to become easier and safer.

So now when we have established that the act of investing in property is set to become far more attractive, where are the best areas to invest in Bangalore? Certainly, the Sarjapur area springs to mind. Located conveniently on the Outer Ring Road (ORR), Sarjapur has everything going for it in terms of location and convenience.

Let us talk about its convenient location first. Sarjapur is placed relatively near Whitefield and Marathalli, the IT Hub within the IT Hub that is Bangalore. This reduces the time taken to commute in the notorious Bangalore traffic. Secondly, there are a number of amenities within close reach, ranging from supermarkets to a truly sparkling nightlife. No wonder that a number of apartment complexes have rapidly sprung up in Sarjapur, chief among which are Saiven Developers. These developers have years of experience in the trade and offer a wide variety of top-notch properties across the area. From modern budget apartment buildings to lavish villa communities, there really is something for everyone.
These villas and apartments in Sarjapur have been designed to the highest standards to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. They also come equipped with a wide variety of convenient amenities to make life in the bustling city, a little bit easier. So if you’re on the lookout for an excellent property in a soon-to-be prime area of Bangalore, Saiven Developers is the way to go.

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