Having an ideal home at the best price at the right place is a dream for many. It is always challenging to find that perfect property, especially when you are searching in Bangalore. If you can pick the ideal location that fulfils all or most of your needs, then the rest will automatically fall into place. However, it may be challenging to choose the best location for your real estate investment in Bangalore as the city is large, with a range of well-connected and developed communities providing various opportunities. 

A location gains attention when it gives its residents the most exceptional quality services and amenities. When it comes to gated community villas in Bangalore, one sought after location is Sarjapur Road. Sarjapur Road is conveniently located between two IT parks – Electronic City and Whitefield. It makes it a perfect place for engineers and other professionals to settle down. Bangalore’s top builders have already begun construction of community houses, apartments, and villas. The region is thoroughly designed and professionally configured to guarantee a happy life for you. Regardless, whether you’re single, searching for a house for your family, or getting ready to continue your life after retirement, Sarjapur Road has everything you need. Apartments are ideal for everyone on Sarjapur Road. If you want to invest in real estate, then the perfect option is Sarjapur Road.

Educational Facilities

Any family with children would look for the best educational institutions at proximity to the house. Sarjpaur fulfils this wish by holding several international schools that provide quality education to children. Indus International School, Greenwood High School, Oakridge International School, Harvest International School, Silver Oaks International School, etc. are some of the schools that provide an international quality learning experience for children. This helps the family to worry less about having their children to commute far from home only to receive a quality education. 

Shopping Malls

For those mums and homemakers that are so busy juggling between their work, house, and kids, they would always want shops or stores closeby to make purchases, irrespective of whether the purchase is daily food or extravagant fashion pieces. Malls such as Main Mall, Absolute Mall, Market Square Mall and others stand tall to provide shoppers with what they’d need all year round. This makes it easy for the people owning villas in Sarjapur Road.

IT Hub

There are several established IT companies in the Sarjapur region such as Wipro, HP, Accenture, Cisco, KPMG, Nokia and others. With such companies and startups rapidly growing, and many more on their way, the employment opportunities are only rising, bringing in more and more professionals into the area. Plus, what could be a better option if one could live near their workplace? One can select from a variety of property styles, depending on the financial conditions and preferences. Thus, with the acquisition of acres of land by top IT giants to create an IT SEZ, Sarjapur is becoming the most favoured investment destination in Bangalore today. 


Hospitals are another factor that makes Sarjapur Road a suitable place to settle down. There are many hospitals that you can rush to in case of an emergency. Some of the hospitals in that area include Columbia Asia Hospital, Town Hospital, Swarnamukhi Hospital, Spandana Hospital etc. These are known for their best services offered to their patients.


All of the above advantages demonstrate the opportunities available in the Sarjapur area. However, if for any other reason you have to travel elsewhere, Sarjapur also provides convenient transportation. With Bangalore International Airport, Railway Station, and Bus Terminals all nearby, travelling around the city and away is simple. Sarjapur is linked quite well to other IT hubs such as Electronic City, Whitefield, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Hosur Road, Bellary Road and Old Madras Road. And, the new subway lines will further increase the connectivity.
Villas in Sarjapur Road demonstrate the simplicity and convenience along with all of the above points which encourages one to stay in that region. Additionally, there are banks, department stores, and community centres that add to the convenience. Investing in a residential building at Sarjapur Road could produce tremendous income in the future, as it has become the most favoured residential area for Bangalore residents. If you are planning to invest in Sarjapur Road for Residential Projects, you should consider the Saiven Developer projects in Bangalore which provides great comfort. Saiven Developers’ luxury residential villas are in one of the finest locations in Bangalore, which helps the buyer to own their dream home. So, if you’re searching for a property in Bangalore, be sure to look for villas or apartments for sale in Sarjapur Road, and live a life of peace and serenity while staying linked to the city’s other major areas.

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