Board of director

Darshan Reddy

Managing Director

A first-generation entrepreneur with a keen eye for detail, Darshan Reddy is the Founder and managing director of Saiven Developers. Darshan is leading a team of highly dedicated professionals. Darshan completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication and a Post-graduate degree in International Business and Management from Manchester Business School, UK.

Darshan specialises in market research, business consulting and design strategy. Through project planning, he ensures every Saiven property becomes a masterpiece. Every project Saiven develops is built with intelligence to be in vogue for a lifetime to ensure every member of your family is content and happy.

Darshan ensures that every property has a theme that will cater to the diverse clientele that are looking for a dream. With a motivated team of engineers, architects, interior designers and management personnel he has managed to take Saiven to a realm that is inspiring.

Over the years Saiven has created newer benchmarks in developing luxury homes with world class architectural design and unmatched quality under his leadership.

Soumya Reddy

Beauty, comfort, aesthetics sum up to a dream home. Soumya Reddy ensures that every Saiven creation gets the best from the world of design.

Soumya is an Engineer in Electronics and Communication by profession. She has worked with leading design brands and Publications.

Environment friendly designs easy to maintain interiors with a touch of uniqueness are her major concerns. With a young and vibrant team of designers and architects she makes every Saiven offering a treat for the real estate world. With a constant drive to achieve excellence has ensured her to create harmony for every Saiven home.

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