Investing in real estate is all about location. Location is probably the most significant determinant of cost, accessibility and housing demand. A more favourable location would almost certainly contribute to higher prices, compared to similar houses in a less favourable location. It is the key consideration in deciding whether a home is a worthwhile real estate investment or not. Nevertheless, just because a property is costly or situated in a high-priced location does not imply it would be a valuable investment. Conversely, lower-priced assets are not inherently a sure-fire money generator even in more moderately-priced areas. In reality, real estate is so location-specific that one neighbourhood in a city may be the best place to invest while another is a place you should stay away.

Choosing the incorrect location would be more harmful to the results of your investment than the investment level you are making. So, what is the perfect place for an investment in real estate? The general approach is that the location will be attractive for the particular person that you are seeking to draw and at the same time generate some benefit.

1. Centrality

Wherever you want to stay in a city, it would influence how much you pay for your house. The land is a limited asset, such that densely developed cities like Bangalore, with little space for more expansion, appear to have higher prices than cities with too much room to expand. Sarjapur Road is a popular attraction in the south-east region of Bangalore  which is also becoming the city’s bustling IT hub. It is a popular spot not only for residents but also for real estate developers. With the IT sector’s growth, there is a huge production of both commercial and residential real estate in the city. It also has proximity to educational facilities, shopping centres and has great infrastructure and connectivity to and around Sarjapur Road.

2. Neighbourhood The type of neighbourhoods that apply to you would be primarily a question of personal preference. A truly great community, however, will have several key factors such as accessibility, appearance and amenities. The neighbourhood will also determine the scale of the lot on which your home is constructed. In terms of accessibility, you will aim for a community that is located along the key roads in your region that has more than one entry point. Commuting to and from work is a major part of the day of many individuals, and it would be more convenient to provide a house with clear connections to highways and/or public transit, than one that is hidden away and can only be reached via a single street. The neighbourhood’s appearance is likewise significant. Big plants, landscaping, and surrounding parks or green fields appear to be attractive. You may also determine the neighbourhood’s success based on how long homes continue to remain on the market in that region. There should be essential facilities in a nice community such as grocery stores, shops, and restaurants. Many people want to own houses that have all the necessary places nearby — if you have to travel a long way to get to

something, it’s going to make your home less appealing. Schools are another significant amenity — even if you don’t have babies, and if you decide to sell your home in the future, there would be several buyers searching for good schools. The standard of nearby schooling and the distance from the house to the school are also significant considerations. Last but not least, do not overlook security. A neighbourhood with a low crime rate and has a safe surrounding is the best location to own a house.

3. Future Growth

The present amenities are not the only thing that matters, but even potential ones. College, school, public transit, and other public service developments will significantly improve property values in the city. Commercial construction will also increase real estate prices. Seek to find out whether any new urban, industrial or residential projects are expected before you decide to purchase a property, and think whether such changes may impact the desirability of the surrounding areas.

4. Actual Location of Your House

It would be best if you also considered where the house is situated. There are a few things that you should keep in mind in this instance while you perform your quest. A home with a beautiful view or next to a water body is likely to be more valuable, both now and when it comes to a sale in the future.

5. The Actual House

It is important to look at the house in detail before you make a decision to buy the house. This will be a long term investment and hence you don’t want to make a wrong decision. Narrow down your list of houses and weigh in every factor before your final decision.

As you go out to look for a new house, make sure that the area is not only suitable for you, but also has measurable features, such as appealing facilities, safe streets and strong educational institutions which can also guarantee that your investment is appreciated over time. If you want a hassle-free real estate investment option in the most sought after area in Bangalore, then Saiven Developers should be your choice. They provide villas in Sarjapur Road with excellent designs and utmost focus on quality. Make a wise investment with Saiven Developers today.

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