7 Things to do once you’ve moved into a new house

So you’ve finally selected a new apartment or house after a long and hectic search! While this is an achievement on it’s own, the work is only half done. But fret not. We’re here to help you with some useful tips that can make the process of moving in a little easier than it normally is.

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1. Select the right moving company:

Often overlooked, the legitimacy and reliability of the moving company is a crucial step. Moving house can be a complicated procedure which needs to be done quickly, safely and efficiently. So make sure that the moving company that you have selected has multiple positive reviews and a good reputation.

2. Take the new home’s measurements in advance:

Before actually transferring your furniture and belongings into your new space, it is very helpful to take detailed measurements of each room in the home. This helps you plan where to keep your belongings and avoid any confusion on moving day.

3. Find the right boxes for your belongings

Using damaged or inappropriate boxes for moving is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made during the process. Certain belongings such as televisions, mirrors and other delicate items need to be packed in the proper way to avoid damage. If you’re not able to find good quality boxes for the move, it is best to let the moving company handle it. This prevents your items from getting damaged during the transportation process.

4. Labeling boxes in a detailed manner

Commonly, boxes are labelled according to the room to which they belong. However we encourage you to describe them in further detail. For example, you can categorise your belongings by room, the cabinet they belong to, and so on. This minimises the chances of misplacing your items and helps you sort them out much easier.

5. Packing a separate bag for essentials

It is always recommended to pack all of your essentials such toiletries and daily-use clothes separately in a bag. This avoids having to look through numerous boxes of furniture and items for essentials that you will need urgently.

6. Don’t forget your pet’s needs

In all the commotion, pet’s immediate needs may sometimes be overlooked. We suggest you pack crucial items such as food, toys, litter boxes etc. in a separate bag that can be unpacked as soon as possible.

7. Cleaning your former home

Before moving out entirely, it is suggested to conduct a deep clean of your former home. Not just good etiquette, but also really helps find any loose items or belongings that you may have left behind.

We hope these tips help you in your moving process. In case you’re still in the process of looking for a new home, may we suggest looking into properties from Saiven Developers. With a number of luxurious villas and modern, budget apartments in Sarjapur, they cater to a wide variety of requirements. All of these properties are built to the highest standards and feature a wide range of convenient features to make life easier in the bustling IT hub, Bengaluru. Get in touch with us today for more details.

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